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Whether your organisation is moving in a new direction or your teams are not quite achieving their full potential, there is someone out there who will excel in your firm, thrive in its culture and will make the necessary difference.

We will help you understand those choices and use our significant experience and networks to help you find the right bespoke solution to achieve your goal.

Why us?

In markets where a lack of imagination prevails and where the default recourse is to use the most respected traditional talent providers, which have matured over tens of thousands of weeks to serve the status quo, leon.partners will support their clients to outperform their peers by presenting them with the most exceptional diverse talent.

leon.partners nurtures longterm partnerships with inspiring leaders that genuinely embrace the importance of building truly diverse cultures within their organisations because they understand the benefits this will have for their clients, their shareholders and their own employees.

leon.partners was founded by an executive search professional who has been active in international financial services headhunting and non-traditional mandates for only a thousand weeks or so and whose professional successes have been a product of a distinct set of core values and characteristics:
* An unwavering commitment to delivering excellent service, fully tailored and narrowly focused solutions for clients.
* Understanding the importance of discretion, keeping confidences and earning the trust of all constituents for the longterm.
* Always being authentic and striving to understand clients’ true desired outcomes early on and never ignoring the non-dit’s.
* Always working in an environment of true partnership, consideration and thoughtfulness and maintaining an objective balance between the interests of our clients and the targeted talent.
* Last but not least, maintaining our attachment to a little humour.

It is, of course, not possible to state with any practical exactitude what the customer is. But there are several common denominators to be found when we consider the customer in terms of what he is not. These things, I think, are fundamental to intelligent customer relationship and, it may be added, most of them apply pretty well to the vast majority of prospects as well.
The customer is not dependent upon us—we are dependent upon him or her.

The customer is not an interruption of our work—he or she is the purpose of it.
The customer is not a rank outsider to our business—he or she is a part of it.

The customer is not a statistic—he or she is a flesh-and-blood human being completely equipped with biases, prejudices, emotions, pulse, blood chemistry and possibly a deficiency of certain vitamins.

The customer is not someone to argue with or match wits against—he or she is a person who brings us his or her wants. If we have sufficient imagination we will endeavor to handle them profitably to him or her and to ourselves.”

Kenneth B. Elliott, VP In Charge of Sales, The Studebaker Corporation, 1941

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We operate under standard industry fees unless otherwise pre-agreed for all our introductions, mandated or otherwise.